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This last year I noticed a polarization among women. While there was a resurgence of feminism, there were also large communities disenfranchised by the movement. After the election, I felt a general discontent among women; all sides of the political spectrum feeling underrepresented, unheard and misunderstood. I found myself returning again and again to this idea of empathy. I struggled to understand why women, with their power, strength, compassion, creativity and joy, couldn’t seem to find common ground.

Women Up was born from that struggle. It’s ultimate goal is to cultivate empathy among women, by presenting women’s stories that are both extraordinary and everyday and by sharing news and facts central to women’s experience. There is not one story that can represent us all and do our diversity justice. However, by celebrating parts of female experience we share and, in-turn, finding understanding when we share nothing at all, we can maybe get one step closer to a more inclusive version of femininity.







The Body Project
The Body Project
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